Insight and capital to start partners with you at your company’s earliest stages, supporting your mission with capital investment and hands-on guidance.

Together, we’ll make sure the ingredients for building momentum and creating world-class foundations to prosper and endure are intact.

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    We gain a deep understanding of the founder’s vision.

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    We don’t invest in product. We invest in people we admire and we back their mission 100%.

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    We roll up our sleeves and share the responsibility of building a dynamic, impactful company.

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    We act with total empathy for founders, LPs, and partners while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.


We lead with conviction and invest as early as the idea phase. We also backed some of the world's-best venture capital emerging managers.

  • /HoneyBook 🦄

    Seed advisor turned investor

  • /Netlify 🦄

    Lead investor - Seed

  • /Opendoor 🦄

    Series B - SPV (IPO NASDAQ: OPEN)

  • /Placer 🦄

    Seed & Series B

  • /Tipalti 🦄

    Series B - SPV

  • /Disclosures

    Lead investor - seed (Acq. by HomeLight 🦄)

  • /Cortex

    Seed (Acq. by Databricks 🦄)

  • /Peer5

    Seed (Acq. by Microsoft)

  • /TheWild

    Seed (Acq. by Autodesk)

  • /BuildUp

    Seed (Acq. by Stanley Black & Decker)

  • /Jolt

    Seed (Acq. by Global University Systems GUS)

  • /Pluto

    Seed (Acq. by Robinhood)

  • /Anno

    Lead investor - Seed

  • /Avala


  • /Arya


  • /Bagel

    Lead investor - Inception

  • /Balcony


  • /Beehive


  • /Better Health


  • /Connie Health

    Seed advisor turned investor

  • /Cryptosat


  • /CUPS


  • /Deeto


  • /Digma

    Lead investor - Inception

  • /Dono


  • /Dynamic


  • /FormX


  • /Future Family


  • /GaeaStar


  • /Hypercore

    Lead investor - Seed

  • /InCitu


  • /Inspirit


  • /Rotate

    Lead investor - Inception

  • /SenseIP

    Lead investor - Seed (Exited 2023)

  • /Shipin

    Lead Investor - Seed

  • /Wescover

    Lead investor - Seed

  • /Wizco


/HoneyBook 🦄
HoneyBook is on a mission to support service-based small business owners with the tools they need to be successful and live a life built on passion and purpose.
/Netlify 🦄
The web is changing — it’s Netlify’s mission to make sure it changes for the better.
/Opendoor 🦄
Opendoor mission is to empower everyone with the freedom to move.
/Placer 🦄 is on a mission to provide everyone access to large scale consumer real-world behavior.
/Tipalti 🦄
Transform the way your finance team works. Bring scale and efficiency to your business with fully-automated, end-to-end payables.
Cloud infrastructure for machine learning at scale Deploy, manage, and scale machine learning models in production.
Peer5, acquired by Microsoft, had built the foundation of what became Microsoft eCDN. In the period following the acquisition, this technology was integrated and launched as Microsoft eCDN, becoming generally available within a year post-acquisition.
Shorten the distance between ideas and shared experiences. TheWild, acquired by Autodesk, had built the foundation of what became WorkshpXR. In the period following the acquisition, this technology was integrated and launched as WorkshpXR, becoming generally available within a year post-acquisition.
Making easy to use collaboration tool for task management, punch list and inspections for construction, development and renovation.
Jolt is helping great people build a career in tech.
Bring your ideas to market, for free.
Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere.
Avala’s mission is to provide every human being with access to economic opportunity.
Arya is reshaping the conversation around intimacy and sexuality, following in the footsteps of the recent shift in mental wellness, poised to become the next billion-dollar cornerstone in the global wellness market.
Product Intelligence for Go-To-Market teams to unlock the full revenue potential
See, hear and respond to what your people in the field are experiencing right now.
Beehive AI, the Qualitative Intelligence (QI) platform, is the scalable solution to answer the question of what motivates customers to act.
/Better Health
Better Health has a simple mission. We strive to digitize and modernize the antiquated medical supplies industry.
Cryptosat's mission is to unlock data processing in space using AI/ML through cloud-integrated edge-compute and communication solutions for satellites.
Everything you need to run your coffee shop.
Amplifying customers influence 10x by breaking down the logistical barriers.
Digma is on a mission to bring observability directly to the developer.
At Dono, we are on a mission to redefine real estate transactions by addressing the core challenge of uncertainty in property ownership. Our advanced data search platform, powered by generative AI, unlocks seamless access to billions of public records, transforming the way any RE company works.
Your wallet-based auth platform. A set of simple SDKs for beautiful, multi-chain login and onboarding flows.
FormX is bringing the construction industry into the 21st Century with its tech-driven, modular, and highly efficient solution for building the living and workspaces of the future.
/Future Family
Our mission is to help everyone build the family of their dreams by removing the barriers of accessing fertility treatment — cost and complexity.
Building technology to eliminate plastic waste
We’re on a mission to operationalize loan management. Flexibility, reliability, and speed should be the norm.
inCitu is on the mission to bring future cities to life through augmented reality (AR) to foster collaboration around the process of urban change.
To inspire the next generation of learners through immersive storytelling.
Rotate is on a mission to redefine cybersecurity for businesses, combining security and insurance to provide safety, assurance, and continuity for a steady journey ahead. 24/7, 365.
Intelligent, business-driven IP portfolio management platform.
Bring visibility to the maritime industry.
We envision a future where local makers overtake mass brands. On Wescover you’ll find small-batch, made-to-order, custom and commission pieces directly from the people who make them.
Helping applicants land their dream jobs.


We ride the wave with you from day one, and provide strategic, financial, and operational support all the way.

Nadav Eylath

  • Managing Partner
  • Palo Alto , California

Nadav has led seed for notable companies including Netlify, Wescover, and (Acq. by HomeLight). Additional notable investments include HoneyBook, Future Family, Opendoor (IPO) and Peer5 (Acq. by Microsoft).

Roni Bonjack

  • General Partner
  • Tel Aviv , Israel

Roni brings operating experience working in startups and big tech. She has built and led global startup programs for Google and then for Facebook.

Yael Shatsberg

  • Analyst
  • Palo Alto , California

Yael's background spans government and private sectors, with roles at the Israeli Ministries of Finance and Health, Saatchi & Saatchi, and Accelerant. Now an Analyst at, she applies insights from her MA in Political Economy and BA in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Maureen Esteban (Kela Accounting)

  • Contoller
  • Barcelona , Spain

Maureen brings 15+ years in the accounting field, leveraging her experience at KPMG and NerdWallet, Maureen builds strong accounting foundations for tech companies that help them scale from startups through an IPO. Maureen has a BA in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara and a Master of Accountancy from Golden Gate University.

We want to be there at the very beginning.

We work with courageous founders that build bold technology on a global scale, as early as when their visions are still on the drawing table. Whether you’re at seed stage, at incorporation, or still at your day job shaping your vision for something new, we want to hear why you’re ready to dive in. We want to be there at the very beginning.

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